There are many applicants who come to us with almost similar challenges, how to avoid spouse visa rejections? And we always guide them to meet these 5 requirements very clearly without any mistakes in your applications to avoid rejection of a UK spouse visa. At A Y & J Solicitors we believe in making the application process easy for you by removing hurdles in the way of your visa application.

There are 5 requirements which must be clearly met to help achieve your UK visa and immigration journey.

  • Show your relationship genuineness

The most important pillar in your UK spouse visa application is relationship genuineness. The Home office requires clear and straightforward evidence which prove that your relationship is prevailing and genuine in order to grant you a UK spouse visa.

This evidence could be council tax bill, utility bills, letters received on the same address where you both are living, holiday pictures, tickets, and cohabitation proof. 

You can also showcase joint bank account statements, tenancy agreement or mortgage agreement or papers, birth certificate of children, or marriage certificate, etc.

  • Show the proof of cohabitation

There are two main requirements under this requirement. Firstly, you must prove that you have sufficient accommodation to stay with your partner or spouse. Secondly, you must be able to provide evidence that your accommodation meets the living standards of the United Kingdom, which are:

  • Detailed description of the proposed accommodation
  • Details that you have enough space in your house to accommodate your partner and children
  • Evidence that you and your partner or spouse can bear its rent. 

Meeting the UK living standards means that you must have one room for a couple and one child below the age of one. And another room for children below 10 years of age. 

You must therefore, ensure that all these evidence are ready and you fulfill them before you make an online application.

It is also important to seek legal advice from UK immigration solicitors to avoid any gaps in your application which could adversely affect your visa process and dreams of staying together with your partner or spouse in the UK.

  • Show financial stability 

The couple must prove that they have an annual income of at least £18,600. They could show additional income through savings and other legal means such as property, or tenancy. 

The couple will also need to show that they have additional £2,400 for each of their children and their financial support.

If you are earning through self-employment, you must disclose it as well. 

Any savings which are more than £16,000 held in your bank account for more than 6 months can be disclosed. 

Financial stability is another important requirement which directly decides your application approval or disapproval.

  • Show English language proficiency 

Staying in the UK is not enough alone, the spouse must be able to speak, listen or read in English in order to lead a normal life like other citizens. Therefore, securing English language proficiency is a must. The applicant can sit for SELT, Secure English Language Test. This test is valid for a period of years. 

You can give a test if you are above 18 years and below 64 years of age. Under special medical circumstances you can be exempted from giving the test but the Home Office requires you to produce a medical certificate clarifying the same.

  •  All documents in place

The last requirement is to keep all your documents in place, visit here DigiTechFly

  • Documents of genuine relationship
  • Documents of your income such as P60, job offer letter, bank statements
  • Cohabitation proof
  • English language proficiency certificate.

If you can successfully meet these 5 requirements, you will gain your UK spouse visa. For any legal consultation, connect with UK’s leading immigration solicitors, A Y & J Solicitors.

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