VoIP is a cost-effective alternative to traditional phone service. It’s ideal for businesses that need reliable voice and video communication.

A VOIP system can empower teams to communicate efficiently, regardless of their location or time zones.

In fast-paced industries like healthcare and hospitality, a robust business VoIP system is vital to keeping staff connected.


VoIP can be an excellent choice for a range of business voip uk. As well as being a more cost-effective option, it also offers a host of features that can help your business grow.

The most obvious way that home voip can save you money is through reduced call costs. Many VoIP providers offer substantial free call packages, with some offering up to 2000 minutes to UK landlines and mobiles per user per month!

Those costs can be made even lower when you use a hosted VoIP system instead of a traditional PBX. That’s because a hosted VoIP solution means you don’t have to pay for maintenance and support fees on the PBX itself.

Another benefit of a hosted VoIP system is that it can be integrated with CRM and help desk solutions. This helps you to align your sales and support teams, improve customer service, and boost ROI.


VoIP is highly flexible, allowing you to easily add or remove ports, handset extensions and even change the number of your business phone lines. This flexibility allows you to quickly adapt your communication systems in-line with your businesses needs, whether that’s for new hires or a move to a different office.

It also offers a high degree of flexibility for your employees, ensuring that they can be contactable no matter where they are working, even whilst they’re on holiday! Using hosted business VoIP technology, employees can use their work mobile devices to make and receive calls and stay connected with the rest of their team – something which would not be possible using traditional analogue landline systems.

This is particularly important for many UK companies that are increasingly moving to hybrid working, allowing more employees to spend time working away from the office. By investing in a good quality hosted business VoIP system, you can help your employees embrace this more flexible working approach, ensuring that they can stay connected with the rest of your team and with the company at the same time.


VoIP offers businesses of all sizes the ability to scale their systems as required, removing the need for hardware investment. It can accommodate growth by adding or removing phone lines as business needs change, and it can be easily integrated with other business applications such as CRM and ERP.

For larger organisations, VoIP can help them project a bigger image and improve communication with customers. It also allows smaller businesses to grow without sacrificing quality.

Scalability is one of the most important things to look for when choosing a business voip uk provider. It should be easy to add new mobile devices, users, and features, so your system can keep pace with your business as it grows.

Gamma’s hosted VoIP platform Horizon is the best choice for UK businesses looking for a highly scalable service that can handle even the most demanding of calls. It is ideal for companies that want to make sure their systems are able to grow with them, and it includes some of the most advanced features available on the market.


Security is a key concern for any business. In a world where data breaches are becoming more common, businesses need to be able to trust their VoIP service provider to keep their business and customer information secure.

There are a number of ways that hackers can compromise your VoIP service, including phishing and denial-of-service attacks. These attacks are designed to starve a server of resources and interrupt service, which can affect call quality and uptime for your business.

Another security issue that can impact your business is eavesdropping. This can be particularly dangerous when discussing sensitive matters, such as contracts with customers or suppliers.

To prevent this, be sure to require that remote employees connect to your business VoIP system using a VPN. This protects your VoIP usage from eavesdropping and makes it harder for hackers to monitor your calls.