Youtube is a free video-sharing website and social media platform that makes it easy to watch online videos. It is the second-most-viewed website after a Google search, and youtube is owned by Google. In this digital world, people are running behind these kinds of social media platforms, including YouTube being one. Let it be the creators who want to up their game, the viewers who want entertainment, or any kind of informational video connected to social media platforms. According to a recent report, Youtube has more than 2.5 billion active users and invests more than one billion hours of videos daily.

Nowadays, it’s so easy to access youtube if you have a smartphone, tablet, or even a laptop. We just have to sign up and create an account on youtube, and it’s ready to use. The updated version of youtube gives access to many new programs launched recently by the youtube community, like the shorts feature, easy monetisation, etc. People who create videos and upload them on their youtube channel are called creators, and people who follow their accounts are called subscribers/ followers. People who like your content tend to subscribe to your channel for more such content. This way, the creators gain subscribers daily. 

Most people use youtube for entertainment purposes, but it’s also used for important information. In case anyone needs any virtual tutorial or any information, YouTube can be the source of help. Youtube recently launched a lot of new features in the app, and a few of them are youtube shorts and youtube premium package. Youtube premium is an optional paid subscription package where you can watch youtube content without ads. 

Now, what are youtube views? When a person or a subscriber intentionally watches your video for more than 30 seconds, then it’s counted as one view. If a person watches your videos more than once, his view will be counted more than once. For example, if you watched your video twice, your screening will be counted as two views. And yes, if your watching your videos, then screening is still counted, and your videos will get your views too. People can view your video if they are your subscriber, or if your video is recommended to others and then they watch, you get views too. There are many ways to get more YouTube views quickly like.

What are AdWords? 

Adword is an advertising platform which is supervised by Google, and it is done online. Advertisers offer to present brief announcements, service immolations, product rosters, or vids to web dopers. It can set up advertisements in search engines like Google Search( the Google Search Network) and on non-search websites, mobile apps, and vids. Helping hands are presented under a pay-per-click ( PPC) pricing miniature.

Yes, it is possible to increase youtube views using AdWords. When we see an ad, we tend to inspect it anyhow. As Adwords work online, it pops up when we are using Google or youtube. It is just like advertising your content online. You pay the advertiser, and accordingly, he/ she will upload whatever you want to advertise or whatever deal/ contract you have made with the advertiser. 

There are, however, multiple ways to gain views by hard word and buy buying youtube views or subscribers. Ways to increase views: 

  • Tags: when you search for something on youtube, youtube will suggest the most relevant video at the top. The top videos are more likely to get more views than the bottom ones. Now when creating tags for your video, make sure you write down the specific key tags first because youtube usually refers to those tags which are at first.
  • Thumbnail: most people see the thumbnail, and if it looks interesting, they click on the video. The audience will only be attracted if your thumbnail is mesmerizing enough. The viewer will be more interested in the video if you have a funky or attractive thumbnail. Try making an engaging thumbnail and make it exciting.
  • Too long videos: the audience is always interested in short, crisp, entertaining videos. If your videos are shorter, they will likely get bored easily and leave the video unseen. You can use youtube’s new feature, youtube shorts, for this problem, create fun little videos for 60-90 seconds and post it. People like this type of content.
  • Reply to comments: try replying to all the comments, which can lead you to double the comments, which means double the engagement. For example, if you have ten comments under your video and reply to all of them, then youtube will view it as twenty total comments, which might help you get into the youtube algorithm.
  • You can use the thumbs up or down feature in the comments to thumbs up the positive and thumbs down the negative comments. Here it increases the engagement between the creator and the viewer; when the viewer sees that his desirable creator has seen his comment, it will grab his attention, and he will want to engage more. 

Lastly, Youtube is a very useful site/ app. It has both advantages and disadvantages. It is a vast area to explore. One should use someone’s guidance if they are new to youtube. One should be careful and not fall into any kind of scam. People nowadays love working on social media, and youtube is one of them. People who create and the viewer both enjoy their jobs. Youtube is shared amongst a huge population, and people thoroughly enjoy it. It affects the population in large quantities. As much as youtube is mesmerizing and helpful, it has its side effects; one should use this kind of social media carefully.