Youtube is a community that offers online video sharing as well as works as a platform that tends to educate people in every sector, be it related to food, education, information and technology, tourism, games and sports or upgrading any new skill; this platform provides you everything according to your needs. The YouTube community has over 2.5 billion monthly users who watch over a billion videos daily to gain knowledge or entertainment. YouTube provides everything for kids to even old aged. You can find music, movies, television, stories, sports, news and many more. This platform has impacted everyone’s life in one way or another; whether it is following your favourite content creator or making your videos, it promotes personal and professional growth for an individual. 

YCP stands for YouTube certification programs which provide certification for individuals or groups to gain skill and confidence at the personal and corporate levels. A youtube certification is a way of getting approval from the platforms as well as the users that you are a certified YouTuber and your content is real. People can officially follow you, and you will get your earrings as well.

The YouTube community has certified courses to help partners and creators use advanced tools for content creation, content strategy, channel production, policies and guidelines, and even money and business.

Perks of having a certification from YouTube have many benefits, including skills and knowledge to provide users with the latest and most advanced practices. Another big win of having a youtube certificate is you will be among the YouTube certified creators community, you will be learning digital rights and development, you will understand the usage and advantage of social media trends, have easy access to YouTube materials and early announcements, and you will be holding the YouTube certification badge that can be used further for any future projects like website, other social media platforms and marketing as well.


have a content manager/ content ID

  1. have a legit Google account
  2. get to know about the policies and terms and conditions.
  3. Once it’s done, then move forward to : 

a). Enrolling in a course – once the eligibility criteria are clear, you have to sign up for the YouTube certification process and now move to your partner manager and take the enrollment for that particular course which is self-paced; you can do it on your own according to your timings. It will include all lectures and assignments about the platform from the point of view of the creator, marketer, and viewer. If you have a content ID, select Get the support of the team’s partner and understand everything from them and start the course.

b). Complete the course – you must complete the in-depth course, valid for 18 months. Still, the eligibility is your account must have at least 1000 subscribers, and at least your account should be a year old now. Complete all the materials and assignments provided and then take the exam. You will be given 2 hours to complete the test; in case you do not pass the exam in one take, you may retake it in the next 24 hours anytime, but the criteria would be that you : 

* You must score at least 75% or higher in the exam, and then you will receive an email regarding the exam, which you must confirm after completing your examination. You need to get 75 per cent on the exam to qualify for the exam and will have to reattempt it after 24 hours, and you may take the exam as many times as you want.

If your YouTube channel belongs to a company, then the YouTube certification requires at least three employees to represent and participate in the course, and all three have to pass the final exam. Also, the YouTube certification course for the three employees will be valid for a year.

Note – the letter of completion of the exam has a validity of 18 months; after that, you will need to retake the exam.Fulfilling all these needs will lead you to get a certification from the YouTube community, and you will be a certified YouTuber as this social media platform has become the strongest tool for media and marketing and has a fair amount of growth in this new generation’s work culture. The best thing you gain is knowledge through this process, which will take your skills to another level.
Once you pass the youtube certification program and get verified, you will get this certification’s success rate. The learnings you get during this program will give you immense knowledge about the youtube community and social media platforms and will make you understand this industry. How to grow your YouTube channel by earning a good amount by getting the number of YouTube views, subscribers and likes you get on your videos.