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Why is betting on cricket so common in India?

Indian sports enthusiasts have a special place in their hearts and thoughts for cricket. No matter when or where they play, Indians will always be ready to support their cricket team by wearing blue. It follows that the prevalence of cricket betting in this nation is not surprising. Contrarily, gambling is not permitted in India. Nonetheless, a lot of gamblers try their luck on cricket matches with high odds, especially on cricket betting platforms that provide safe transactions. A UK-based betting business claims that after 30 days, 5000 new signups and 5,000 visits from India had been received.

Reasons for Cricket Betting’s Popularity in India:

1. Easy to use and convenient

Indian bettors are accepted by virtually all significant cricket betting sites. Some bookmakers also provide a mobile app. There are therefore countless instances in which you may use your computer or smartphone to rapidly access a website and place a bet. With the 10Cric betting app, you can bet almost everywhere in India.

The majority of people in our country have grown up watching cricket due to its immense popularity. They can thus understand the game. As a result, there is a very high likelihood of winning a wager.

2. Cricket is Easy to Understand Cricket is easy to understand. 

Its betting can be compared to that. If you place the bet, you will either win or lose. Whenever you start making more money, betting will become more and more appealing. If you lose, you might be able to win the next one if you pay closer attention and understand it better. Not all cricket bets may be won simply by being lucky. After you have some experience and comprehend the possibilities, it becomes easy. As one of the game’s main audiences, Indians find the process to be substantially simpler.

3. Streaming and broadcasting

Most bookmakers provide registered players live streaming. All cricket matches are broadcast on various networks, with the exception of the bookmakers. Moreover, for a little monthly price, various applications are available in India that broadcast live cricket. As a consequence, you could be able to watch cricket games and win some bets while working.

4. Is it secure to bet on cricket online?

Gambling on cricket is not allowed in India. Nonetheless, the majority of online cricket betting sites accept new Indian registrations. Do you grasp the rationale? because internet gambling is not prohibited by any specific rules spelled out anywhere in Indian law. As a consequence, you might potentially earn some extra money without taking any risks in addition to supporting your favorite team.

5. Wonderful Way to Pass the Time

One of the most well-liked pastimes in India is watching cricket matches. Especially if the game is between India and Pakistan or India and Australia, a devoted cricket fan will take time from work or shut down the business to watch the game. As a result, young people are frequently driven to betting since it offers complete enjoyment through the final over and is both a challenging yet simple method to gain money.

The Seduction of the Indian Gaming Industry

With an estimated yearly worth of $60 billion US, the gaming industry in India is immense. This is a significant sum that might lure anyone on the planet. As a result, all Indian players share the same beliefs and have somewhat irrational revenue production goals.


As we all know, cricket betting is prohibited in India. Nonetheless, a sizable portion of local spectators adore this kind of entertainment. And now you are aware of all the causes. If you reside in India, all you need to do is create a betting profile on one of the major bookmaking websites, like Rajveer Exchange Login Page, and you can start betting on cricket matches to earn extra cash.