Nurses are people who successfully graduate with a simple and basic education degree and are given permission by a reputable organization or authority to practice nursing where they live. Nurses have a wide range of assignments and serve as essential contributions to healthcare and medicine. Their main job is to help and assist people who need medical care and help. Their entire job responsibility revolves around this. You can have a wide range of career options if you do a nursing course, even if you are a fresher in this industry or have a degree. They are skilled people and have a lot of training in what they do. The care they provide is highly individualized and focuses on person to person specifically by giving enough time and attention to every single patient. 

Nurses are free to work independently without being attached to anyone, and they can also have their area and level of expertise. However, they also have restrictions that they can’t help and work with the rest of their medical staff. They take intensive care of the patients and guide the family members and close relatives as to the most suitable option for them in healthcare related to the patient’s issue or problem.  

The Pros And Cons Of Being A Nurse

The Advantages

Most people who take up nursing as a job do it because it is rewarding. Helping people and serving them daily lets them sleep happily and peacefully at night. We are not saying that there are no reasons; there are. 

Spike In The Demand For Nurses All Across The World

The demand for nurses has always been quite high. Considering how busy hospitals can be, it is always nice to have someone who can be an additional helping hand. Let us also tell you that the demand for registered and professional nurses will only increase with time. Every month, every day, many nurses are employed in hospitals and clinics. Hence, it is easy to get this job since it is so high in demand and gives many people many employment opportunities. 

2. Multiple Possibilities

Nowadays, nurses do not only work in hospitals, but you can also find them working in places like airports, the military, ships, and campsites too. Their jobs in these places are equally as important as it is in the hospitals. Plus, they can specialize in whichever field they want. 

3. Adaptable Schedules And work timings

Being a nurse might be more relaxed; the timings can be flexible and adjustable. Most of the time, nurses can choose between working part-time or full-time according to their situation and convenience. Some nurses have three 12-hour work shifts, preventing them from overworking throughout the week. So, their work timings and schedule can be drafted according to their schedule and convenience. 

The Disadvantages

However, no matter how flexible and rewarding this job might be, it obviously and even quite often takes a physical and mental toll on them. Let us discuss some of the major cons of working as a nurse. 

  1. Very Physically Demanding

You will often hear nurses having physical problems like knee or back pain. They spend most of their time and energy lifting or moving patients and rarely get to sit and work. It involves a lot of moving around and walking.

2. Contact With Harmful Diseases and Chemicals

The very obvious problem that all of us already know about is that they can unconsciously catch a disease or come into close contact with a harmful virus that can affect them. Even the slightest things, like accidentally touching a needle in any patient, can be very dangerous. These can all happen very fast, and one can always stay conscious, so there is always a risk of all this. 

3. Emotional And Mental Exhaustion

Seeing so many patients with different types of diseases can take a toll on the workers, especially the nurses. Seeing people in extreme pain or seeing people passing every day is not something people would like to see. However, this is part and parcel of this job, and there is no other way but to be okay with it. 

Nursing Jobs In Australia

Suppose you are looking for nursing jobs in Australia or considering moving to Australia to work as one. In that case, you will be happy to know that as the population of Australia increases every day and people begin to age, the demand for doctors and nurses surges. Working as a nurse in Australia will be very rewarding, and as tough as the job is, you will enjoy it thoroughly. 

If you work as a nurse in Australia, you will have enough time and money to do your job while exploring everything in Australia. Besides that, considering the money they get, they can also travel outside and explore the world. Plus, you will be happy to know that work in Australia as a nurse is extremely organized and professional. Starting from penalties, being paid for working overtime, great pay, and shorter shifts, everything is appreciable. You wil be able to fulfill your needs while also working a job you love. Lastly, it will allow you to learn various skills to add to your resume, which will add to your professional growth in the long run. Nurses in Australia have great job security, so no one has to worry about losing their jobs or anything as such. You can work freely and dedicatedly.

So, if you are considering working as a nurse in Australia, this is your opportunity, and you must grab it! We promise you won’t regret it. It will be the best use of all your potential.