Lasik is one of the most popular eye surgeries, referred to as laser eye surgery or correction vision. It is a type of refractive surgery for correcting myopia and hyperopia and an actual cure for astigmatism (a type of refractive error due to rotational asymmetry in the eye’s refractive power) since it is the cornea. Lasik provides a durable option for eyeglasses or contact lenses for most people. Lasik eye surgery can enhance the quality of life. It can remove stress by eliminating the need for glasses or contacts. Lasik surgery can permanently solve vision problems and also solves your long-lasting problem. It also has positive effects. According to the survey, Lasik eye surgery is safe and has a high success rate. Of course, people must have many questions and doubts too. 

Before Lasik surgery, it is important to know the conditions of the eyes so that you can meet the expectations. It is similar to other surgical procedures like PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) and LASEK. During Lasik surgery, a special cutting laser is used to accurately change the shape of the dome-shape clear tissue at the front of the eye (cornea) to improve vision. You can contact and ask your specialist like if they recommend LASIK surgery.

YES, it is safe if you are eligible for it, and then you are good to go. You can ask your doctor, and they will tell you all the steps, procedures, and precautions after the surgery, risks, as well as risks. There are certain conditions that doctors don’t recommend to have Lasik surgery if you have-:

(a). If you have severe nearsightedness or myopia.

(b). If you have an eye disease or have a family history.

(c). If you have large pupils and thin corneas.

And also, if you have good eyesight. There must be more, which the doctor or the specialist will help with. 

Other conditions may risk the conditions into a negative-:

(1). If you have rheumatoid arthritis.

(2). Dry eyes.

(3). A weak immune system, etc.

Lasik surgery is performed by OPHTHALMOLOGISTS who have good and positive experiences. In LASIK eye surgery, there are also side effects that can clear up within days. You need to take good care after your eye surgery like- 

(1). After successful eye surgery, don’t think your eyes need any checking. It would be best if you had regular eye checking to see that the eye parts are good.

(2). Wear sunglasses during sunny days to protect the eyes.

(3). Maintain the blood sugar levels because if the blood sugar increases, it may affect the optic nerve, which can impair the vision of the eyes.

(4). Do eye exercises daily that the doctor recommends and eat healthy food. 

(5). Give your eyes a proper rest from the screen. 

So, if you want LASIK eye surgery, you can enquire about it. Get the appointment. Consult your doctor or specialist. And, then, get rid of glasses. The eyes are the most beautiful part, and it needs good care. Make sure to give your eyes a proper and good rest.