Many content creators worldwide now rely heavily on YouTube for a living. YouTube has become a platform for people to showcase their skills while earning money through advertisements as digital media consumption has increased lately, and video content has grown in popularity. India is no exception, and many of its creators have achieved a great deal of success on YouTube. Thus, one can find many content/video creators in India who make a livelihood from the content they post. This makes one wonder how much a person can earn by posting videos regularly on youtube and incorporating or enabling ads or marketing campaigns in their videos. In this article, we will look at how much a YouTube creator can earn in India.

Factors affecting income

To begin with, it is critical to understand that various factors, such as the type of content, the size of the channel, the number of views, and the engagement rate, determine YouTube earnings. For example, channels that create content about technology, gaming, and lifestyle tend to generate more revenue than those that would make content on arts and crafts. Similarly, the more views a video receives, the more money the creator can earn. The engagement rate, which includes likes, comments, and shares, is also important in determining revenue.

Ads as a source of income

Mainly ads are the most common way for YouTube creators to make money. When a video is monetised, YouTube will place advertisements before, during, or after the video, and the creator will receive a portion of the revenue generated by these advertisements. The revenue generated per ad click varies and can range from a few rupees to a few lakhs, depending on the location and type of ad. YouTube Premium subscriptions, merchandise sales, brand collaborations, and crowdfunding are all other ways for creators to make money by selling a product.

Earning Quotient

Given India’s large population and growing use of digital media, the earning potential of a YouTube creator in India is enormous. According to Reports, a website that tracks YouTube statistics, India’s top ten highest-earning YouTube channels collectively earned more than Rs.100 crores in 2020. 

T-Series, an Indian music label and film production company, was the country’s highest-earning YouTube channel, with an estimated Rs. 100 crores in earnings. 

However, their main earnings come from music videos and trailers for upcoming Bollywood movies. CarryMinati (a gaming channel), Technical Guruji (a tech channel), and Ashish Chanchlani Vines (a vine channel), among others, earned millions of dollars in 2020.

However, it very is important to note that these earnings are only typical for some YouTube creators in India. Most YouTube creators in the country do not make a living and may struggle to make ends meet. Various factors, including niche, content quality, and marketing strategy, determine a YouTube creator’s earning potential. Furthermore, the YouTube algorithm is critical in determining a video’s visibility and earning potential.

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is an important component of monetising YouTube videos. To be eligible for the program, creators should have 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers in the previous twelve months. After being approved for YPP, a creator can monetise their videos and earn money through advertisements. Typically, the revenue split between YouTube and the creator is 55% for the creator and 45% for YouTube. However, this varies depending on the country, ad type, and advertiser.

The earnings from YouTube in India can also vary depending on the location of the viewers. YouTube pays higher ad rates for viewers in developed countries worldwide, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, than in developing countries like India. Therefore, a YouTube creator in India may earn less per view than a creator in the United States or the United Kingdom; Because the advertising market in developed countries is more mature and has a higher demand for digital advertising, YouTube pays more to content creators in developed countries than in India. Advertisers in developed countries are willing to pay a higher price to reach their target audience via digital platforms such as YouTube. Furthermore, viewers in developed countries have higher purchasing power, making them more valuable to advertisers.

In contrast, India’s advertising market is still developing, with lower demand for digital advertising. Advertisers in India may be unwilling to pay as much as their counterparts in developed countries, and Indian viewers’ purchasing power is generally lower. As a result, ad rates for Indian viewers are lower than those for developed-country viewers, resulting in lower earnings for content creators. It’s also worth noting that YouTube’s revenue-sharing model is based on advertising revenue. As a result, if ad rates are lower in India, content creators’ revenue will also be lower.

Because of the higher demand for digital advertising and the higher purchasing power of viewers in developed countries, YouTube pays more to content creators in developed countries than in India. However, as India’s advertising market develops, ad rates may rise, and content creators may earn more in the future.

Other than that, to achieve maximum YouTube earnings, creators must focus on producing high-quality content that resonates with their target audience. The content should be interesting, informative, and pertinent to the audience. Furthermore, creators must focus on developing a loyal audience and engaging with them through comments, social media, and other platforms. Creators can increase their engagement rate and, thus, their earnings by cultivating a community of devoted followers.


To summarize, the earning potential for YouTube creators in India is substantial. Still, it depends on many factors, including the type of content, the number of views, and the engagement rate. While some of India’s top YouTube channels have earned millions of dollars, most creators need help to make a living. Creators must focus on creating high-quality content, building a loyal audience, and engaging with their viewers to maximize their earnings. YouTube will likely remain a popular platform for content creators to showcase their skills and earn money through advertisements, subscriptions, and sponsorships as digital media adoption grows in India with the help of Viral Promotions.