The United Kingdom is home to the world’s most renowned and reputed universities. The universities are known for their world-class education, cutting-edge research opportunities, multi-ethnic environment, and amazing work opportunities. Before moving to the United Kingdom for MBA you can checkout MBA in USA as well. you must take care and understand the expenses that you will pay as a student. The expenses are-

1.Accommodation charges-

 Accommodations in The United Kingdom can be categorized into two options i.e. university dormitory and private apartments. Dormitories can cost between INR 33,068 to 49,602 whereas private apartments can cost between INR 33,068 to 43,815. Dormitories provide basic facilities such as electricity and laundry. Students have to share a common area and kitchen with their peers. Dormitories provide an excellent opportunity to socialize and interact with your peers.

A private apartment provides you with personal space and freedom. They are expensive compared to dormitories. Basic facilities like electricity, water, and laundry are not included in the rent.

2.Tuition Fees- 

The cost of the undergraduate program in The United Kingdom is INR 8,77,547 to 11,70,063 whereas the postgraduate program can cost between INR 11,70,063 to INR 34,12,685.

The tuition fees can vary from university to university. Most universities change their program fees every year.


 Utilities include energy, broadband, laundry, and a tv license. Energy in The United Kingdom is quite expensive. Home insulation protects you from the harsh winters and summers. Electricity bills will depend on your usage. The average monthly cost of gas for a one to two-bedroom is INR 3974.98. Broadband can cost up to INR 3974 per month and a color tv license INR 13001.48 per year. 

4.Food Expenses-

The food prices are higher as compared to other European countries. A loaf of bread is INR 61.98, 500 grams of pasta is INR 74.38, six eggs are INR 99.17 and one packet of biscuits is INR 48.76. A restaurant meal can cost between INR 1239 to 2066, and a bottle of wine can cost up to INR 826.45.

5.Visa Charges to The United Kingdom- 

A short-term study visa with a duration between six to eleven months can cost up to INR 19,792, and a one-year student visa can cost INR 52,547. A long-term student visa can cost up to INR 35,922. visit here for discount on visa thetechgrow

6.Clothing and Leisure- 

Indian Students need good insulation from the UK’s harsh winters. A warm sweater costs between INR 1739 to 2981.23, a raincoat costs INR 2981.23 to 6460, and an overcoat costs between INR 5382 to 12,421 .

A university gym can cost up to INR 2484 per month. A ticket to the cinema can cost between INR 414 to 993.74.


The United Kingdom is a bit expensive. Indian students must consider currency depreciation and inflation. You must have twenty to thirty percent more than their estimated budget.

Try to save money as much as possible. Refrain from going out to pubs and restaurants with your friends to save money. Energy in The United Kingdom is a bit expensive, try utilizing it meticulously. 

Start your part-time jobs to cover your living expenses. Students become financially aware and adept after they start earning and don’t forget to enjoy and experience your academic journey.

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