Indian citizens have a wide range of possibilities, and the best choice will depend largely on the applicant’s characteristics and needs. You have chosen to apply for a Canada PR Visa despite the fact that the fee varies {} depending on the immigration program. There are numerous immigration routes leading to a PR visa for Canada, and each one has its own requirements and procedures.

Government processing fees are determined by IRCC and must be included with your PR visa application. The program you applied for and the number of accompanying family members determine the overall cost of obtaining a PR visa. The IRCC reserves the right to alter these costs at any time and without prior notice. The availability of numerous immigration programs makes it simpler for applicants to get Canadian permanent resident status. Given that Canada is attempting to address the issue of an aging population, immigration policies there are extremely tolerant. Taking steps to increase its population and, consequently, its economy is a country that has long lived in the shadow of the United States.

 This implies that your profile will be considered for all draws that occur while it is still valid. The cost of sending money to Canada from India is predetermined, but the value varies owing to fluctuations in exchange rates.

Skilled Federal Worker

Program for Provincial Nominees in Federal Skilled Trades

Caregiver Skilled Workers Selected for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot

The cost of a Canada PR visa is shown in the table below in both Canadian dollars and Indian rupees. . an a an a…………. These Indian processing expenses for Canada PR, however, almost never change. Another important point to remember is that your application will be valid for 12 months if you choose Fast Entry. You must eventually pay the right of permanent residency fee (RPRF) in order to obtain permanent resident status. If you pay the sum simultaneously with the application cost, your PR application won’t be delayed, it is advised. You have the option to pay the cost later if you like. The directions for making the payment will be communicated to you by the authorities at a later time.

siblings who are orphans and other close relatives

Protected individuals

Yet, these aren’t the only expenses connected with the full procedure. Many additional expenses also need to be considered. 

Expense of a language proficiency test (Rs. 15,500)

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is by far the most popular test of language ability.

Several techniques are used to test both spoken and written English. IELTS scores are accepted by the majority of English-speaking nations, making it simple to reuse them for numerous immigration procedures in various nations.

IELTS testing is now priced in India at Rs 15,500. You can choose the test date and location once you’ve paid the application cost.

The test is run four times each month. One month prior to the test date, we advise you to confirm the test location and time; otherwise, there may not be any seats available.

Expense of Medical Tests (Rs 5,500)

Doctors on the panel must provide medical certificates. Simply put, panel physicians are medical professionals who have been approved by the IRCC to issue medical certifications for The panel doctors from whom you can obtain a medical certificate are listed below. The medical report given to ‌ Canadian doctors will be used to make the ultimate decision on your health status.

A medical certificate from one of the panel doctors costs Rs. 5,500.

Police Clearance Document (Rs 1000)

You must present a police clearance certificate to the immigration authorities whether or not you have a criminal record. You can easily obtain this certificate from the police station in the neighbourhood where you are now living. A PCC confirms that you have never had a criminal record. If you had a criminal history, you can explain why you were convicted.

How much it will cost to get a police clearance

A police clearance certificate is priced at Rs. 1000.

Evidence of funds

You must demonstrate that you have the necessary finances to maintain yourself and any accompanying family members while you are living in Canada in addition to paying the Canada PR processing cost from India. A proof of finances is required for applicants to the following immigration programs:

Governmental Skilled Worker Program

Skilled Trades Federal Program

These funds are not accounted for in the price of Canada’s PR to India. Instead, they serve as a simple indicator of your ability to sustain your family throughout your first few years in Canada. The goal of doing this is to lessen the load on social welfare and healthcare programs.